Humanity has driven Earth
to the brink of disaster.

Let’s make amends.​

Five extreme environments will witness the most comprehensive ground truthing of our planet.

JIm McNeill

Explorer and Founder. I have a passion for getting the very best from people - realising their potential - and believe that most people never get that far. That combined with my love for Mother Nature, makes me the animal I am. If I had my way I'd introduce everyone to the extremes.


Operations Director - Digital Content Manager. I love inspiring people to achieve things they never thought possible! After 35 years operating in a mountain, expedition and rescue environment in the UK and Europe and training young people in expedition skills. I now enjoy enabling other people to reach their potential doing something purposeful and worthwhile in extreme environments.

Professor icarus allen

Chief Scientific Adviser. I am CEO of Plymouth Marine Laboratory and extremely excited about the prospect of delivering responsible net zero research. To support a sustainable future for the Ocean we need to be in a position to monitor the changes which are happening. Ocean Warrior will be a valuable addition to this pursuit and I’m looking forward to seeing how we can develop the project over the years ahead

Michael Petit

Chief Instructor. I started with Ice Warrior in 2010 on a Warrior selection weekend, and am now one of our instructors. I have since been living and working in the high Arctic as a guide and on documentaries, as well as having been on several expeditions. Best advice I have is to give your dreams a go - with the right training you might just make it.

Ian Bishop

UK Instructor. After leaving the Armed Forces in 2020 after 25 years of service I realised I had a ton of experience going to waste. After returning to Dartmoor where I spent much of my youth I qualified as a Moorland Leader and Navigation Instructor. That’s when I met Jim and realised, we had a shared passion for helping people grow – not just in the Arctic but in life – Dartmoor and the Arctic provide the proving ground that can push you (and me!) to be better.

Steve Sharrock

UK Instructor. Having been in the Royal Airforce where I travelled extensively, I returned to the West Country and retrained as an outdoor activities instructor and part of Dartmoor Search & Rescue Group. Then I met Jim and Sam and the team at Global Warrior where I quickly found a group of like-minded people that I could work with to help others (and myself) achieve their ambitions.

Jenny Whelan

Educationalist. I have been involved with education for the past 25 years. Whilst teaching in London I started an environmental club that engaged and empowered students to tackle climate change. The school won a national award and I became an adviser to the BBC. I'm extremely excited about working with Global Warrior and promoting awareness, changing attitudes and encouraging action.

Helen Habershon

Composer-in-Residence. My very first tune came to me through my bedroom window from the woods outside my house. I was 8 years old and this inspiration from nature for my creativity has continued to this day. When Jim and I met randomly in a pub on Dartmoor several years ago I soon realised that he also shared this deep passion and caring for our natural world. We both felt we'd met for a reason despite our very different backgrounds and we have gone on to collaborate giving talks about music and nature. I am delighted to be a part of Global Warrior.

Nick Bennett

Sculptor-in-Resdience. It is a huge honour and a privilege to ally myself to this amazing endeavour. It gives me the opportunity to work with what I believe to be one of the most important research projects going on in the world at this challenged juncture in the evolution of this beleaguered planet. To sculpt the wonderful animals from this beloved area is an absolute pleasure and the fact that it is also an area woven into the Global Warrior initiative makes that even better.

Curtis Knapton

UK Instructor. There are so many skills, lessons and sayings I have adopted from the Warrior training process. The one I use most of all is the "walk tall syndrome". I literally walk through life with no worries knowing in any situation, critical or not, I can deal with it. Global Warrior is more than an Outfitting shop, or ground-breaking expeditions, or superb training. It's a state of mind.

Hal Gamble

Technical Retail Specialist. I have always worked in outdoor environments, whether as a high ropes instructor in the Tamar Valley, or a park ranger in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, or photographing UNESCO World Heritage sites for foreign governments. Fast forward to now, with Jim and Sam and our shared love of the natural world and drive to make a difference, I joined the Global Warrior Team at BASECAMP to assist in the retail side with future plans to be involved with the expeditions.


Aide de Camp. My life is somewhat like Netflix. Series One: Good life, marriage, family and career as a documentary film maker. Series Two: Tragically lost my wife to brain tumour. I committed to summit a mountain a month for a charity in salute to my wife. Series Three: I met Jim 8 years ago, trained to be an Ice Warrior and uncovered a sense of real purpose. I now work to support the participants through all aspects of their incredible training journey.