Exploring the Oceans

One Vessel - Sailing Vessel LINDEN

Europe's largest wooden schooner skippered by experts, 6 pro-crew, 18 other places - powered by the wind wherever possible.

10,000 nautical miles Per Year

Over 10 years we will measure vital data in areas seldom, if at all, sampled. We should be able to detect change - good or bad.

Scientists & Ordnary people

3 watches of 6 - novices trained to sail, trained to conduct science. Powered by the wind. Net zero scientific exploration.

critical data gathered & shared

Without such immediate ground truthing how do we know that anything we do to mitigate global change is working?

Ground truth data - near live

Our aim is to deliver as much of the data as we can as live as we can, interpreted by experts in their fields. This is a massive improvement on the existing situation which can be quite inaccurate and/or quite out of date by the time it is published.

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Fully trained novices

If you choose Ocean Warrior as your preferred environment we will train you to The International Maritime Organisation's Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) qualification in professional seamanship - something you take away with you!

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Alongside real scientists

Whilst on board our expedition ship Linden our scientists will teach you all about what they are doing, why they are doing it and how you can help to gather this vital data.

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hugely purposeful & worthwhile

Remote data, gathered over a 10 year period, covering the same, 10,000 nautical mile route should be able to show change, both good and bad, providing us with unequivicable evidence as to the results of our actions or inactions.

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