December 2, 2023

Icons Interviewed - Ocean Warrior's Patron, Tracy Edwards MBE

Icons Interviewed - Ocean Warrior's Patron, Tracy Edwards MBE

A fantastic evening was had by all at London's Little Ship Club, in the heart of the city and overlooking the Thames. Master of Ceremonies was our very own Peter Penny who introduced the evening followed by Sam McNeill's incredible, personal and emotional introduction to Tracy Edwards as she took us back top when the Berlin Wall came down as Tracy was sailing the formidable Southern Ocean - a leg she won despite all the odds and in spite of all the doubters!

Tracy and I then settled down to chat through her incredible accomplishments for the next hour in front of a packed house of hugely enthusiastic yachties. Subjects ranging from Tracy's Maiden Factor Foundation and the amazing work they do to promote female education around the world, through the life and hard times of Tracy's beloved MAIDEN sailing vessel, to describing the deeply emotional endiong to the 1889 Whitbread Round the World Race.

The whole event was sponsored by Ocean Warrior's key partner, super British brand, Henri Lloyd and supported by CBD gurus, Kloris, composer-in-residence Helen Habershon and Classic Sailing, Ocean Warrior's sales agent.