February 25, 2024

Transparency – a description of our costs.

Transparency – a description of our costs.

For anyone who knows me or has been connected to me through Ice Warrior, they will know, honesty and integrity are incredibly important to my very existence. It is therefore with no hesitation at all that I open the "book" behind our operations....

Finding Purpose in Life and Experiencing some of the World's Most Remote Regions:

Ocean Warrior offers specialised expedition voyages, which are inherently costly due to their nature. For instance, a passage from Plymouth to Reykjavik is priced at £5,900 for an 11-day journey. The duration and the route of these expeditions contribute significantly to the cost, as they often involve remote destinations and require specialised equipment and planning. When comparing costs you need to compare like journeys and there probably aren’t any.

The magic vistas of Arctic sailing - no wind mind!


Delivering Critical Scientific Evidence:

These expeditions have serious scientific research and educational elements, as indicated by the use of state-of-the-art scientific instruments on the traditional three-masted schooner Linden used by Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions. This combination of old-world sailing and cutting-edge research requires significant investment in equipment and expertise, which drives up the cost.


Specialist Instrumentation
What it Actually Costs:

Operating such expeditions involves various expenses, including crew salaries, maintenance of the vessel, insurance, port fees, and other logistical aspects that ensure safety and compliance with maritime regulations. Our charter rate is £5,500 per day x 110days - £605,000 for the expedition, each year. Putting a scientist onboard is in the region of £400-£500 per day to release the scientist from their organisation, plus their passage costs £5900 to £13800….


Beautiful but requires expertise and knowledge to be amongst
Where Our Income Comes from and Goes:

Our income is derived from: sponsorship, philanthropy, grant-giving bodies, citizen scientists, scientific and educational organisations.

It is also worth noting that these expeditions are non-profit making and anything over and above our running costs is ploughed back in for the sake of our aims and objectives. Being such a new organisation, no-one takes a salary and all we aim to achieve is covering the substantial costs associated with such endeavours.

These factors combined make the experience aboard Ocean Warrior unique and costly. The price reflects the comprehensive nature of these expeditions, which are not just trips but immersive experiences that include preparation, education, and hugely important contributions to scientific research.


Don't forget this is still accessible to anyone who really wants to take part - you can raise the funds for participating through your own sponsorship efforts and I will teach you how to do that and support you in every way I can. In fact, you can now use our CROWDFUNDER to fundraise, making it even easier.

It may not cost you anything but boldness, courage, tenacity and time but these are all facets that will stand you in very good stead in our expedition team - and make you feel good.

In an ideal world and if I had my way, there would be no cost to anyone taking part. But alas that just isn’t real……..Jim