November 28, 2023

Resolute Expeditions 2024 to 2034

Resolute Expeditions 2024 to 2034

Embark on an Experience of a Lifetime

Through our ocean explorations we will be putting a better, more immediate, finger on the pulse on the planet:

- finding out exactly what is going on in our precious oceans

- in areas seldom, if at all, visited and sampled

- alongside the world's leading scientists - oceanographers

- measuring, monitoring, reporting in near-real time

- 10,000 nautical miles each year for 10 years

- critical data for tackling our climate crisis

- we will detect change - good and bad

- indisputable, empirical data

Without this how do we know anything we are doing to tackle the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced, is actually working?

These are ordinary people trained to sail - trained to contribute directly to climate science; alongside real scientists.

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Resolute Expeditions 2024 to 2034
Where and When

Starting in June 2024 and ending in October 2024 and then repeated each year until 2034


Leg One - Svalbard to Plymouth

£9,300- 22 days

25th June - 16th July

You will join Linden at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Sailing across the Barents Sea via Bear Island to Tromsø

Through the Lofoten Islands - and then going inshore to Harstad and Bodø

Along the Norwegian coastline and then directly across to anchor in the Shetland Islands, Scotland

Sailing down the eastern coast of Scotland and England to London

Here there will be a launch event to celebrate the inaugural voyage

Around the south east coast and along the southern coast to Plymouth

Here we will meet the scientific partners and pick up the scientific equipment and Ice Warrior’s freight bound for Resolute Bay, Canada


Leg Two - Plymouth to Reykjavik

£5,900- 11 days

17th July - 27th July

There will be a launch event - OCEAN WARRIOR DAY 18th July - marking the start of the official scientific endeavour leaving Plymouth along the Cornish and Welsh coasts and through the Scottish islands, stopping at the Faroe Islands and ending in Reykjavik, Iceland


Leg Three - Reykjavik to Nuuk

£5,900- 13 days

28July - 9 August

Through and around the southern coast of Greenland


Leg Four - Nuuk to Nuuk

£13,800- 32 days

10August - 10 September

Awaiting a weather window to cross Baffin Strait along the top of Baffin Island and intoLancaster Sound and Resolute Bay, Canada and return to the west coast ofGreenland


Leg Five - Nuuk to Upernavik

£5,900- 10 days

11- 20 September 

Along the west coast of Greenland via Disko Bay


Leg Six - Upernavik to Narsarsuaq

£5,900- 10 days

21- 30 September

Exploring Greenland Coast - exact port calls will be according to weather conditions


Leg Seven - Narsarsuaq to Reykjavik

£5,900- 9 days


Exploring Greenland Coast - exact port calls will be according to weather conditions


Leg Eight - Reykjavik to Plymouth

£6,800- 15 days

10- 24 October

Via the Faroe Islands and through the Scottish islands, down the Welsh coast and around Cornish coast.

Expedition Return Party in Plymouth
Ocean Warrior's Expedition Sailing Vessel Linden
A Purposeful, Worthwhile and Incredibly Important Sailing Experience
Our Patron was one of our Icons Interviewed Series

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